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The United States Army Warrant Officer Association has fully embraced improving the benefits of association membership and modernizing the association’s technical platforms by implementing the Membership Enhancement Project (MEP). This Project will give members more benefits and increase the presence and reach of the Warrant Officer Association.

Among the key goals of this multi-phase Project are to:

  • Significantly improve National, Regional, and Chapter websites.
  • Implement an integrated portal in all websites.
  • Provide for the recommended implementation and maintenance of social media sites.
  • Improve accessibility to USAWOA knowledge management and information sharing
  • Development of a national e-commerce store for all national, regional, and chapter merchandise sales.
  • Streamline association operations by developing an interactive dashboard for live data reporting.
  • Exclusively offer USAWOA members significantly reduced licensing fees for MS Officer 365 Accounts.
  • Implement an USAWOA Integrated Event Calendars
  • Implement a USAWOA Professional Development Program
  • Provide MS Teams Video Conferencing Capabilities to all Regions and Chapters.
  • Implement a USAWOA Transition Program and Sponsorship Program
  • Implement a USAWOA Branch Discussion Portal

This Project is an evolutionary effort of the USAWOA to improve the quality of services by the USAWOA to all members. USAWOA modernizing, streamlining, and enhancing our information and marketing capabilities with one thing in mind-YOU! Your involvement in USAWOA allows the association to thrive and to represent you on matters that affect you every day.

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