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August 2022

USAWOA Membership Enhancement Project

CW5 Russel Houser
Team Leader, Professional Development Program

By CW4 (Ret) Misty Whetung
Project Manager, MEP
Northeastern Region Director

I am happy to announce that CW5 Russell Houser, known to many of you as the creator of the COHORT W podcast, has joined the MEP team as the Professional Development Program Team Lead. CW5 “Russ” Houser brings extraordinary expertise and knowledge to the team, and we are beyond excited to have him join us. The Professional Development Program will offer multiple modes of training to develop the skills of our members to effectively serve in key leadership roles in USAWOA. We look forward to CW5 Houser’s development of this excellent and much needed program.

By CW5 Russell Houser
Membership Enhancement Team
Professional Development Program Team Lead

I want to thank Carl, Misty, and the MEP Team for the warm welcome and the opportunity to serve as the Team Leader for the Professional Development Program. For those who don’t know me, I’m a simple postmodern social constructionist qualitative research-focused Army Bandmaster who enjoys the practical work of force management, teaching, curriculum design, performing music, and digging into Army doctrine. Those concepts and activities stem from my credo that the purpose of the Army is to make the world a better place. The MEP-PDP is an opportunity to assist leaders in finding their way and voice as efficiently as possible in their new roles. In addition to an initial set of videos and nuanced interviews for continuity, I imagine other flexible mid-tenure ideas to record thoughts for the following leaders to help enrich the continuity collections. Ultimately, this is about keeping all leaders aware of their tasks to forward the Collective Cohort of retired, serving, and future Warrant Officers and our supporters to make the Army and the world better.

July 2022

USAWOA Membership Enhancement Project - MS 365 and Google AdSense Have Launched!

Hello fellow USAWOA members! The Membership Enhancement Project (MEP) Team is growing and charging ahead vigorously in our mission to update and deploy technical and communication platforms. To date, all Chapters have been issued a Microsoft 365 account, offering MS Teams access, electronic file storage on MS One Drive, and all of the standard MS 365 web applications.

We are also launching well designed websites for Chapters – under the USAWOA.org platform – upon request for free. The National Web and Social Media Council’s (WSMC’s) Chairperson, CW3 (Ret) Daniela Davies, has provided step-by-step instructions below for our Chapters to request a website to be set up for them.

Making Good Cents with Google AdSense

Did you know that by visiting USAWOA.org you are raising money for our association? Well, you are doing an amazing job – keep it up! The newly launched USAWOA.org website is now able to raise funds by being a participating member of Google AdSense. Each chapter that has an active website on the USAWOA. org page is also adding to the clicks and views that increase our earnings from Google AdSense.

We need your help to increase traffic on our USAWOA.org website. As of this month, we are already beginning to see a little revenue being generated. Imagine what the association could earn (to support these new programs) if all Chapters had active websites under USAWOA.org. What a great way to reinvest in our organization! We are asking that Chapters help by:

  • Reaching out to the WSMC to request a website set-up for your Chapter if you do not have an active website linked to our USAWOA.org page.
  • Directing users to your Chapter website for information on news and events, to increase web traffic.
  • Identify a webmaster for your Chapter and send their contact information to the WSMC.

May 2022

USAWOA Membership Enhancement Project Infrastructure Management Transition Update


By CW4 Misty Whetung, MBA, PMP
Membership Enhancement Project Manager
Director, Northeastern Region

USAWOA is dedicated to keeping you, our Members, informed about all investments the association undertakes. In keeping with this goal, the Membership Enhancement Project (MEP) has provided regular updates on the status of the project. To date, the association has achieved the following project deliverables and milestones:

  • Streamlined USAWOA portal navigation
  • Developed the Web and Social Media Counsel
  • Enhanced and published the USAWOA Digital Library on USAWOA.org
  • Recruited team leads for MEP team
  • Switched web hosting services for more functionality
  • Redesigned the USAWOA.org website
  • Launched the new USAWOA.org website
  • Offered and launched free websites for USAWOA Chapter and Regions
  • Implemented easier new enrollment for WO1s
  • Purchased MS 365 Business Standard Accounts for HQ LDRS & Regional Directors

These milestones were achieved through the dedication of volunteer leaders, and have already improved communications, information management, and knowledge management within the organization.

The USAWOA aspired to offer all our association Members significantly discounted access to MS 365 Microsoft services as a part of association membership. Unfortunately, due to Microsoft’s 2022 newly defined discounted licensing our association members are not eligible for the reduced licensing rate. Under Microsoft’s new licensing plan, USAWOA could not meet the eligibility criteria to provide each member reduced cost for MS 365 licenses.

The remainder of the project’s deliverables remain unchanged. Moving forward, USAWOA will reduce the overall cost of the project by internally performing the data migration and implementation of a new association Management System.

The project allows USAWOA to purchase one MS 365 Business Basic account for each Chapter to provide Chapters the communication and operational capabilities as intended. The Chapter Microsoft 365 accounts include access to MS Teams, an MS Outlook email account, web access to the standard Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint), and 1TB of storage on MS OneDrive.

The MEP Team will continue to provide regular updates on our progress and achievements in the Newsliner and on our website at: https://mep.usawoa.org. USAWOA has approved the project to offer our Members the best membership experience possible. As the MEP Team continues to focus on upgrading our website and data management systems, we are also planning and designing other capabilities that will enhance what our association has to offer.

We hope you will visit the MEP Team website to learn more. We are also seeking highly motivated volunteer leaders to join our team, to help us bring USAWOA to the next level of greatness.

USAWOA Membership Enhancement Project Development Of the USAWOA E-Commerce Store

March 2022


By CW3 Philip Grant
Membership Enhancement Project Team
Ecommerce Project Team Lead

From class shirts, belt buckles, and challenge coins, to even license plates, Warrant Officers love their swag! What if there was a single ecommerce site, where you could find all this Warrant Officer bounty in one collective space?

This concept will soon be a reality! I’m CW3 Philip Grant, the ECommerce Team Lead for the Membership Enhancement Team (MEP), and I will be your captain (without the formation of course), taking you on this swag-surfing journey.

By day, I am a Liquid Logician, Petroleum Systems Technician (923A), and a proud member of the Quartermaster Corps. However, in my free time I like to dabble in online sales, marketing, and e-commerce techniques.

It is my goal to take my marketing and e-commerce experience – coupled with my natural Warrant Officer subject matter expertise – to create an online shopping portal, capable of selling each Chapter’s merchandise as well as national USAWOA merchandise, on one platform.

This process will require the development of an e-commerce platform, implementation of payment transmission, tracking, distribution, and development of standard operational procedures for providing fulfillment services.

The USAWOA e-commerce store will also provide access to certified vendors, for the development of new merchandise at significantly discounted prices, to Chapter e-commerce managers.

This platform will be a Warrant Officer online mall, hosted by our USAWOA national headquarters. We are still in the early stages of its development and are looking for feedback from local Chapter memorabilia officers on systems and processes to enhance the e-commerce site set-up and customer shopping experience.

The current proposed name for the USAWOA e-commerce site is The Grove. It is my intent to create The Grove to allow Chapters free and established platforms to market and sell their Chapter swag, similar to the functions of Amazon or Etsy. Each Chapter will be in charge of managing their inventory, adding new products, and fulfillment.

The goal for The Grove is to be our mall, which is why it is imperative that all Chapter’s provide input on the development of this portal. Once the portal goes active those Chapters that are participating in The Grove's virtual mall will have requirements in order to ensure their individual shops are active.

Ultimately, The Grove will be a central location for all Warrant Officers to go to, where they can view and shop for Warrant Officer swag from national headquarters and each Chapter, in one place.

Consolidating merchandise will not only reduce the cost and effort required by Chapters to sell merchandise, but will likely lead to increases in merchandise sales as well.

The establishment of a single USAWOA e-commerce platform will provide transparency across all Chapters, assist with visibility of goods, and ensure all sales revenue is returned to the USAWOA Chapter that posted the merchandise.

Lastly, the consolidated vendor list available to Chapters will assist them with identifying approved vendors to create additional items to add to their catalogs. So the next time you are online surfing the internet for Warrant Officer swag, you may be able to come by The Grove!

The MEP team encourages the cohort to provide feedback and commentary on what they feel will assist with streamlining the Chapter shop management procedures. Please send your recommendations via email to CW3 Philip Grant, at philipgrant19@gmail.com.

I will be reaching out to each Chapter’s merchandise sales representative to begin gathering data to build the USAWOA e-commerce store. We look forward to making it easier for Chapters to sell merchandise.

USAWOA Membership Enhancement Project Development of the Branch Discussion Portal

January 2022


By Brian Matthews
Membership Enhancement Project Team
Branch Discussion Project Lead

I’m Brian Matthews, a member of the Membership Enhancement Project (MEP) team. Specifically, I am the project lead for the USAWOA Branch Discussion Portal development. As the project lead, the USAWOA and MEP team has tasked me with developing a resource that provides USAWOA members with the latest information and news regarding their military-affiliated branch.

As a proud member of the Cyber Branch, I often find myself accessing multiple military resources to gain a complete picture of the latest branch initiatives. The Human Resources Command (HRC) website may have some information, but then I may need to jump over to the MilSuite. Then perhaps I will find out that both sources are out of date, and the Fort Gordon Facebook page has posted the most recent information.

I have no doubt that many of you have had similar experiences, and the MEP team and I want to help develop a solution.

The goal behind the USAWOA Branch Discussion Portal is to mitigate or eliminate the need to access numerous resources, as described above, to gain insight on the latest branch-related news and information or to contact key members of the branch.

However, the MEP team and I will need your help to create a portal that will meet most of the needs of our Members. Over the next few months, we may request your input to help us shape the portal.

Some of the questions that would help us shape the portal are centered on what type of information you would expect to see on a centralized branch portal. We would like to determine what resources you currently use to stay updated with your branch as well.

Providing your input to questions like these will help us shape the requirements and ultimately build a portal based on what our Members feel will be most beneficial.

The MEP team and I are proud to be serving the Members of the USAWOA, and look forward to building and developing a resource that will support our Members in staying abreast of the latest branch information.

Please take a few minutes and complete the Branch Discussion Portal Customer Survey by accessing the QR code below. We are asking for just a few moments of your time to help us design resources that meet your needs. We appreciate your input! A


Membership Enhancement Project Presentations at the 49th AMM

Oct/Nov 2021

CW4 (Ret) Carl M. Burnett, PNP
Program Director

CW4 Brian Matthews, Project Leader
Project Phase X-C - USAWOA Branch Discussion Portal

WO1 John Hamilton, Project Leader
Project Phase X-B - USAWOA WO Sponsor Program

CW3 (Ret) Sam Rodriguez, Project Leader
Project Phase X-A - USAWOA Transitioning Personnel Program

Aug/Sep 2021

The Membership Enhancement Project (MEP) team is hard at work producing new resources and improved capabilities for our association. This month, USAWOA launched three of the MEP team’s project deliverables:

  • The new automated WO1 USAWOA enrollment form with a QR code for rapid access.
  • A digitized USAWOA library allowing access to each section of all USAWOA manuals.
  • The Membership Enhancement Project external website that members can access to read about the project’s current progress.
  • These new resources and capabilities are only the beginning of the modernization and progression toward a more robust, multifunctional web application.

WO1 No-Cost Membership Enrollment Form

Online membership enrollment has never been easier for our newest members! Newly appointed Warrant Officers (WO1s) can access the online enrollment form instantly, by using a QR code or visiting https://usawoa.org/. The online form can be completed in just a few minutes and submitted online. Do you have a new Warrant Officer who wants to enroll in USAWOA? No problem! Just bring up the QR code from USAWOA.org on your phone and share it for instant access to sign up.

Never miss an in-person recruitment opportunity again!


New USAWOA Digital Library

USAWOA launched a new digital library for Members to access USAWOA organizational bylaws, manuals, and forms. The library has digitized these documents and made them web-enabled. These will be especially useful to USAWOA Chapter leaders, because the web enabled documents and forms provide for more efficient and expedient searching and indexing of information.

The USAWOA manuals are now directly accessible by section, whereas Adobe PDF and Microsoft documents require the entire document be opened to access information. This capability will improve the search for specific information within a section of a manual.

misty misty

The USAWOA forms have also been digitized and are in the library to make completing forms faster and more efficient. Additional materials are planned to be added to the digital library, to include information papers, videos, audio files, and podcasts. The web address for the digital library is: http://docs.usawoa-ppc.org/, which is a companion website of the USAWOA.


This digital library has been created to facilitate better integration of detailed information for the USAWOA Professional Development online training program, which will be developed as part of the Membership Enhancement Project.

The online training programs will provide training videos for USAWOA national, regional, and Chapter officials, mentors; and special projects’ leaders, including the treasurer, secretary, webmaster, historian, social medial manager, fundraising officer, and many other key positions.

This digital library will be added to the new USAWOA web application once the application is fully developed. Meanwhile, this library is currently available for you to access and use. If you have comments or suggestions regarding any additional content that you would like to see added to the digital library, submit your comments in the “contact us” section of the digital library, on the website.

The Membership Enhancement External Website

The newly launched Membership Enhancement Project website allows you to follow the project’s progress and learn about new implementations, updated features, and capabilities added to the USAWOA website, portal, and social media sites. You can learn more about the MEP team and even apply to join our team, to improve the USAWOA membership experience across the entire association.

Accessing the MEP website will enable you to be the first to know what changes the MEP team are bringing to USAWOA, and share the news with your Chapter Members, to keep them informed and excited about new benefits of membership.


The MEP team will continue to publish progress updates in the Newsliner magazine. Look for these regular updates to keep you informed on our diligent work to improve access to USAWOA content, for all Members. Please share new features and capabilities with your Chapter Members, to let them know that USAWOA is committed to improving the USAWOA membership experience.

This project is only in the beginning phases of implementation, and there will be many more big improvements coming. We look forward to updating you continuously on our progress!

May 2021

The United States Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) has fully embraced the challenge (and need) for broad based modernization of its operations, association-wide. As hinted in National President CW5 (Ret) Consiglio’s article in the April issue of the Newsliner, this will be accomplished by implementing the Membership Enhancement Project (MEP). Ambitious in scope, the MEP consists of numerous initiatives, to be implemented over a projected timeline of 18 to 24 months of duration.

The overriding objectives will be to improve the benefits of association membership, and dramatically upgrade the association’s technical platforms. This project will increase the presence and reach of the USAWOA, and provide more benefits to our loyal Members. The key goals of this multi-phase project are to:

  • Significantly improve national, regional, and Chapter websites.
  • Implement an integrated portal in all websites.
  • Provide for the recommended implementation and maintenance of social media sites, association wide.
  • Improve accessibility to USAWOA knowledge management and information sharing.
  • Develop a national e-commerce store for all national, regional, and Chapter merchandise sales.
  • Streamline association operations by developing an interactive dashboard for live data reporting.
  • Offer USAWOA Members significantly reduced licensing fees for Microsoft (MS) Office 365 accounts.
  • Implement USAWOA integrated event calendars.
  • Implement a USAWOA professional development program.
  • Provide MS Teams video conferencing capabilities to all Regions and Chapters.
  • Implement a USAWOA transition program and sponsorship program.
  • Implement a USAWOA Army branch discussion portal.

This project is an evolutionary effort of the USAWOA to improve the quality of services by the USAWOA to all members. USAWOA is modernizing, streamlining, and enhancing our information and marketing capabilities with one thing in mind – YOU! Your involvement in USAWOA allows the association to thrive and to represent you on matters that affect you every day.

Membership Enhancement Team Members

The MEP team is an all-volunteer team of driven USAWOA leaders, working together to complete this complex project. Meet the USAWOA volunteer leaders that are working hard to make this project a success:

Project Manager:
CW4 Misty Whetung

USAWOA Portal Navigation Redesign Project Lead:
CW5 (Ret) Frank Meeks

Web and Social Media Council Chairperson:
CW3 Daniela Davies

USAWOA MS 365 Platform Migration/ MS 365 Integration & MS Teams Implementation Lead:
CW4 (Ret) Carl Burnett

National Website Webmaster:
CW4 Mike Brent

Recruiting Volunteers for Key Positionson the MEP Team

We are currently seeking project leaders for several critical components of the MEP. We need volunteers who are highly motivated, driven, and creative association members, who are willing to take on the challenge of leading the development of the initiatives described below.

Specific skills in these areas are preferred, however some initiatives simply require creativity, communication, and networking skills. Serving on this project will provide an excellent experience in organizational design and change management.

The project experience for Members seeking a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification – or for already PMP-certified members – will provide invaluable direct, actionable time for those seeking to earn professional development units (PDUs).

The following leadership positions are being recruited:

USAWOA Professional Development Program Project Lead: The leader will spearhead development of the USAWOA Professional Development Program. The programs will include the development of professional education videos and materials to train new national, regional and Chapter elected/appointed officers in the responsibilities of each critical organizational position. This program is video-based training and a distance learning, self-paced educational approach. Experience in developing video-based training and distance-learning courses is recommended but not required.

Integrated National Regional and Chapter Calendar of Events Project Lead: The leader will develop the USAWOA national, regional, and Chapter integrated calendars. MS 365 Platform, and calendar integration experience is highly recommended for this position.

National, Regional, & Chapter Management Dashboard Project Lead: The leader will lead the development of a USAWOA operational dashboard, capable of producing real-time automated data reporting at the national, regional and Chapter level. Data will be provided by an MS 365 Dynamics Association (Web 4.0) and AZURE Cloud service fabric. MS 365 Platform and MS AZURE Cloud Services experience and familiarity are highly recommended for this position.

Transitioning Personnel Program Project Lead: The leader will lead the development of a USAWOA-specific transitioning program. The project is to create an interactive cloud-based transition management platform for USAWOA Members who transition from active service to civilian employment or retirement. Experience in developing or working in transition services programs is recommended but not required. Networking and communication skills are key for success in this position.

Warrant Officer Sponsor Program Project Lead: The leader will guide the development of an online networking portal for USAWOA members who are moving, by providing Chapter sponsors for the relocating Warrant Officer. An automated platform for Chapter sponsors at the receiving Chapter will be provided to assist the Chapter sponsor. Sponsorship program experience is recommended, but not required. Networking and communication skills are key for success in this position.

Branch Discussion Portal Project Lead: The leader will spearhead development of a branch discussion portal. The portal will provide a central virtual meeting place that contains online discussion boards for each branch/proponent to facilitate networking, collaboration, information sharing and camaraderie among Warrant Officers and association Members. Access and pre-existing networking relationships to branch managers, Human Resources Command (HRC), and proponent schools are recommended for this position, but not required. Networking and communication skills are key for success in this position.

Anyone interested in serving in any of these positions, or serving on the MEP team in general, should contact MEP Project Manager CW4 Misty Whetung, at nedirector@usawoa.org.

Current Progress of the MEP Team

The MEP team has already begun transitioning many USAWOA information and marketing assets. The USAWOA portal and national website have been revised, based on new navigational guidelines. Additionally, some Chapter websites have been transitioned to new platforms as well.

If you have not visited the portal lately, you will notice that it has a completely new, simplified navigation setup for easier access to information and services. Our USAWOA website layout has also been revamped, and the information on the website will continue to be updated to attract new members to the association.

The USAWOA MEP team is assisting Chapters in sharing information and increasing their presence by offering them free template websites. For more information on setting up a Chapter website or social media site, contact the USAWOA Web and Social Media Council Chairperson CW3 Daniela Davies, at danidavies@gmail.com.

Look for regular announcements from the MEP Team on updates to the project in the Newsliner magazine, and online at the USAWOA website. Feedback from all USAWOA members is welcomed and encouraged. Please email your comments to CW4 Whetung at nedirector@usawoa.org. USAWOA is evolving by creating an improved virtual and online professional membership experience for both existing and future Members of our association. Keep recruiting new members to the association, and consider volunteering to become a part of the MEP team, to enhance the future capabilities of USAWOA.


Editor’s note: The USAWOA national leadership and headquarters team owes a huge debt of gratitude to Northeastern Region Director and MEP Project Manager CW4 Misty Whetung for taking on this tremendous, important responsibility. Thanks are also due to Past Presidents Council (PPC) Chairman CW4 (Ret) Carl Burnett and all the hard-working volunteers mentioned above (most of whose names should sound quite familiar).

Most of the tremendous improvements envisioned are responsive to the input of scores of folks who have contacted national leaders in recent years, asking why we can’t modernize the way we conduct business. Folks, now is the time to step up and help your association improve the services it provides you – volunteer, and let’s make it happen together!


May 10, 2021

The MEP Team has already begun transitioning many USAWOA information and marketing assets. The USAWOA portal and national website have been revised based on new navigational guidelines. Some Chapter websites have been transitioned to new platforms. Suppose, you have not seen the portal lately. In that case, you will notice that it has an entirely new simplified navigation for easier access to information and services. Our USAWOA Website layout has been revamped. The information on the website will continue to be updated to attract new members to the association.

The USAWOA MEP team is assisting chapters in sharing knowledge by increasing their presence. The MEP is offering chapters free templated websites. For more information on setting up a chapter website or social media site, contact the USAWOA Chairperson, Web and Social Council, CW3 Daniela Davies at: danidavies@gmail.com.

Look for regular announcements from the MEP Team on updates of the project. The Newsliner magazine and online at the USAWOA website. Feedback from all USAWOA members is welcomed and encouraged. Please email your comments to CW4 Whetung at nedirecotr@usawoa.org. USAWOA is evolving by creating an improved virtual and offline professional membership experience for existing members and future members of our association. Volunteer for the team and be part of the enhanced membership capabilities of a future USAWOA.

Membership Enhancement Project Contact Form

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